About Lenny's

This well-known neighborhood eatery opened in 1985 in Owings Mills, Maryland. Lenny Smith and his son, Alan, have claimed Baltimore's appetites for corned beef, pastrami and other "deli"cacies. Baltimore city and county are now served by these two devoted Baltimoreans who appreciate Baltimore's deli tradition. 

The second location, in Baltimore's Horshoe Casino, opened in 2014.

Lenny's casual atmosphere and hearty food has created a devoted crowd. Choose Lenny's Deli for all your Owings Mills and Baltimore catering events. Visit them today and you will come away satisfied- guaranteed!

Best of Baltimore

Baltimore Magazine's annual "Best of Baltimore" addition celebrates "all the best stuff in the best city in the world". Lenny's Deli beat the local competition in a head-to-head "throwdown".

The Decision
"It's Lenny's! The inch-thick sandwich wins extra points for its melt-in-your-mouth beef and easy-on-your-wallet price."

Baltimore Magazine...

Alan Smith @ Lenny's Owings Mills
Lenny Smith & Alan Smith
Corned Beef Sandwich
Lenny's Deli, Owings Mills
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Reuben Sandwich & Onion Rings
Smoked Salmon Platter
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Deli Tray
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Fried Chicken
Grand Opening, Harborplace
"Lenny's is one of the best places to grab lunch here in Owings Mills! Even during the lunch rush, the service is still fast and friendly! There are so many good things on their menu, but the fried chicken is my favorite - crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The sides come in generous portions too! Their western fries are huge!"Bobbie D. | urbanspoon.com
"It's all about the breakfast food here. The specials are the best bet. The pancake special is a good one. I also enjoy their bagels with egg and cheese and bacon. The fried chicken is also delicious."Lauren S. | yelp.com
"Loved the fact that anytime of day you can get breakfast. So when I am nearby and just not up for a big meal in the late evening/afternoon I can grab a nice egg, bacon, cheese sandwich. They also have other nice breakfast specials that you can order. Of course they make it right in front of you so you know it will be hot!. "Lynn K. | yelp.com
"This place is a true delicatessen! It serves breakfast all day, sandwiches stacked with thinly sliced meats, a real deli section and a wide dessert selection.

I came here for lunch for the first time today and since Lenny's won the throwdown against Attwaters Deli, I just had to try the corned beef sandwich with coleslaw and russian dressing (I ordered mine with less dressing). The meat is pretty lean (probably the most lean corned beef I've ever had) and it's stacked high. You wouldn't think the sandwich is that big but it was REALLY filling! I would recommend ordering this sandwich hot. "Michelle J. | yelp.com
"Lenny's is a true New York-style deli. It's not cheap, but in this case, you get what you pay for - high quality, good-sized portions.

Their rueben is my go-to sandwich for lunch.

The staff is very friendly, and seems to have very little turnover. It's the same group of folks working practically every time I come here."Lauren B. | yelp.com