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Lenny's Deli, Owings Mills
Alan Smith @ Lenny's, Owings Mills
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny Smith & Alan Smith
Grand Opening, Harborplace
"Probably the best deli outside of NY. Lenny's has amazing breakfast and lunch. and to top it off, the service is always very fast. Lenny's is truly a great restaurant!"Ben K. |
"The pastrami and Swiss on rye is a solid build, with tender, peppery meat, thinly sliced and thickly stacked. You can guide the creation of these sandwiches, and we specified Swiss as the cheese choice. Lenny's delivered its melted glory in abundance. Along with the rye bread, this was a well-balanced and filling sandwich."The Baltimore Sun
"EVERYTHING is delicious. Best Tuna Salad ever, fresh bagels, great sandwiches and bakery. Worth the treat once in a while, great for breakfast!"Jess L |
"Honey was craving a sandwich and suggested Subway,,, we tried Lenny's. He ordered the Corned Beef with onions on wheat and the sandwich was as heavy as a brick. I ordered a chicken salad with honey mustard, lettuce tomato and american cheese, and it was huge. The sandwiches came with pickles, then we went to what they call the dark side, ie the BAKERY. My paramour ordered a chocolate danish and it was delicious. The chocolate topping was like a thick fudge and it was fabulous..more like desert than a breakfast pastry. I ordered the applee beatty croissant and it did not look as large as it actually was until we got home and I pulled it out of the was like a brick, and it took the both of us to eat it....divine."Nicole H. | yelp