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Super Sub Sandwich
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Lenny's Deli, Owings Mills
Alan Smith @ Lenny's, Owings Mills
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny's Deli, Harborplace
Lenny Smith & Alan Smith
Grand Opening, Harborplace
"Good food and great people! Honestly I love their chicken...whenever I am back in town...I stop there...yummy!!!"Reg S. |
"Probably the best deli outside of NY. Lenny's has amazing breakfast and lunch. and to top it off, the service is always very fast. Lenny's is truly a great restaurant!"Ben K. |
"The Reuben from Lenny’s delicatessen. This is an old Jewish deli in Jonestown- the best Reuben I’ve ever had. And there have been many. They mix together the corned beef and the sauerkraut on the flat top and then steam the cheese over it. Gahhh I need one now."Erin | spillthebeansblog
"This place is a true delicatessen! It serves breakfast all day, sandwiches stacked with thinly sliced meats, a real deli section and a wide dessert selection.

I came here for lunch for the first time today and since Lenny's won the throwdown against Attwaters Deli, I just had to try the corned beef sandwich with coleslaw and russian dressing (I ordered mine with less dressing). The meat is pretty lean (probably the most lean corned beef I've ever had) and it's stacked high. You wouldn't think the sandwich is that big but it was REALLY filling! I would recommend ordering this sandwich hot. "Michelle J. |